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Binsar is 420 KM from Gurgaon...95 KM from Nainital. Really long journey so start as early as possible. Go feb-april and oct-nov

Delhi - NH24 - Hapur bypass - Gajraula - NH87 from Rampur railway station - Kathgodam - Bhimtal - Almora - Binsar

Bhimtal is on the way and one can have a lunch stop there.

Bal Mithai / Singodi
Try Kumaon's speciality bal mithai and Singodi in halwai shops in Almora.

Club Mahindra Binsar Villas

Club Mahindra Valley Resort is on Bageshwar Road, 17 km from Ayarpani.

Club Mahindra Villas (Manipur Villas) are up in mountains (log huts) and taken to by company Jeep from the Valley Resort.

Binsar wildlife sanctuary, Ayarpani
Rhododendron Flowers
The entrance gate to Binsar WLS is about 10 km from the valley. At about 7 km from the gate is the ancient Bineshwar Temple, and a further 5 km up is the KMVN Tourist Rest House.
Explore via walking. ..standard excursion is 1 km gentle ascent from TRH to Zero point.

For the fit, 6 km walk to Ghoralkot inside forest and another 6 km walk to Sanghaghat, a small water body. Take a guide.

Bineshwar Temple
Original Binsar Mahadev is near Ranikhet (15 KM from Ranikhet). Ranikhet is 80 KMs from Binsar. Another same namesake temple is on way (in Binsar WLS) when driving from Almora to Binsar.

Try meal at Kalmatia Sangam, organically grown.  +  'Silver Oak' restaurant (Binsar Villa) ++ Khali estate (in WLS and only if you're staying there).

The nearest restaurant outside the Mahindra Resorts, about a km towards village Bhainsori, was the 'Shree Hayat Hotel' which was good for alu paratha and bhajjias and other local dishes. 

Also try is 'Flavors of India' near Mahindra resort. Pradeep is the guy there and will take you for Bird Watching at 50% less than what Mahindra guys charge and is a 'must do' while in Binsar.

Try pahadi oil massage + local cuisine.

The one famous thing that you can buy from Binsar is Rhododendron squash. + Apricot Oil. 

Nearby --> Kasar Devi Temple.

Jageshwar: Among the 12 jyotirlingas in India, Jageshwar is located 36 km from Almora. Set amidst dense 'deodar' forests, Jageshwar with about 124 small and large stone temples ranging from 9th to 13th centuries, is also known as the ‘Temple City’.

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